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Aquastar Ocean Ranger 38 used boat report from Motor Boat & Yachting

Motor Boat & Yachting's used boat report on the Aquastar Ocean Ranger 38. See the full report in the May 2013 issue of the magazine. Subscribe - http://www.m...

taxes on a used ranger boat do we pay is bought from another person and not a store.?

peggy t says:

we are thinking of buying a Ranger boat. If we buy from a dealer we would be paying around $ 2400. in taxes. So if we buy from another person do we still have to pay sales tax.?

Bostonian In MO says: Yep! You'll pay it when you go to register it. The rate is the same either way.

How to buy an expensive boat?

UnderneathTheGun777 says:

I have thought about buying a new Ranger boat when I get older. Well Ranger boats are top quality and cost a lot of money. Highest price i have seen has been $57,000. I just can't walk up to a dealer ship and give them 57k right on the spot. What...

Boatin' in VA! says: Your talking about buying a $57,000 boat. The first thing you are going to need is a down payment. Figure on 15-20%. So, on the high end you are going to need to have $11,400 saved. That leaves a...

Double boost for Falmouth oystermen - Falmouth Packet

Local oystermen have received a double boost in recent weeks, with continued exemption from EU licensing and new EU protected status. Fal oyster fishermen will not be required to submit to EU Marine Fisheries Licensing legislation, following a postponement by the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra).


Ranger 52 Aft Cabin 16.76m GRP 1989 Gold Coast, Australia AU $299,000 Boat For Sale Ranger 52 Aft Cabin 16.76m GRP 1989 Gold Coast, Australia AU $299,000 Boat For Sale

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2012 Ranger 177TR

Hearkening back to the dawn of the fishing industry, the 177TR is visually reminiscent of the very roots of Ranger. Inside, its focused design is engineered with large, spacious decks and a clean, unobstructed layout. Stretching 17'7" in length ...

2010 Ford Ranger

Jantes en Aluminium 15'' Boite Courte 6' Intérieur 2 Tons Noir et Gris / 15'' Aluminum Wheels 6' Short Box 2 Tone Interior Gray and Black Buying or selling a car? Find the best deals on new and used cars, motorcycles, ATVs, RVs, trucks and boats.

2006 Ranger 618vs SOLD

Ranger Trail Trailer with road armor, LED lighting, 3 Optima Batteries, 2 down east rod holers, rear rails, boat comes with 3 seats(one brand new never been used), Rangerer front casting seat on bow. Boat is very sharp, they don't make these anymore.

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Used Ranger Bass Boats | Used Bass Boats

Ranger boats have been producing quality fishing boats since the 1960s. The founders of Ranger Boats take great pride in customer satisfaction and believe producing ...

Продажа б/у: Ranger, 1996, Краснодар ...

RIB H-520, 2009г, 5.2м, Истра 1 015 000 руб: Winboat R5, 2009г, 5.2м, Геленджик 450 000 руб: Триумф, 1990г, 5.3м, Саратов

Used Ranger Bass Boats - Ranger boats - Ranger boat Z590 ...

Ten years ago, I helped a group of kids string up a dozen cane poles in an effort to put them in touch with nature in the form of a pond stocked with small sport fish.

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Who's investing in copper-nickel mining on the Range? NEW ORLEANS -- As the autumn sun starts to peek over the horizon, a blazing mix of orange, yellow and red, Pete Gerica starts up his fishing boat as he's done nearly every morning for decades. Gerica's fishing roots run as deep as the water He

Double boost for Falmouth oystermen This is because according to UK law, the legislation is not applicable to unpowered boats under ten metres in length, as traditionally used in the fishery. Oysterman Chris Ranger said the changes would have been a Mr Ranger said he believed that