Used Pontoon Boat Furniture?


Does anyone know of a reputable salvage yard for pontoon boats? I need new furniture for my boat, and would like to shop for used if possible.

mrfixit643 says: I don't think you will find any used furniture for a pontoon boat that is in relatively good condition because they are always open to the elements.Most of this type of boat is never covered so...

How can I build my own pontoon boat? I was thinking I could use 50 gal. drums, but where do I get them?

Junior says: You should be able to find some at your local feed mill or at some type of salvage yard. You can also try calling different factories in your area and see if they have any. most of your tool and...

Several Small Businesses Damaged In Broken Arrow Tornado ...

The tornado that damaged or destroyed several homes in Broken Arrow also took out several small businesses. When the tornado crossed the Creek turnpike along Highway 51, a path of damage started in a business area beside an old gas station.


A Collection of Stories

Beyond the year 2022, the Earth is experiencing scarcity that people dare to travel in space to find either raw materials or a new habitat. If they can’t find one, they may make one. Humans are slowly but surely getting accustomed to meet alien life-forms from different galaxies, and the new experience is quite an adventure. With this big leap in intergalactic happenstance, could it be that the Apocalypse is just a rumor? a myth? Or something just intervenes? Duain Bennett’s rich imagination creates a spur of the moment, humorous collection of sci-fi spoofs that could have taken place anywhere at anytime. Laugh as the top men of two mining companies outsmart and outmaneuver each other in their search for mining prospects in space, and then work together to increase their profits through schemes that will otherwise be disastrous if it hasn’t been beneficial to Earth in “The New World in the Making.” Be amused as a sixty-five year-old man, planning an exciting summer sailing, meets a twenty-one-year-old daughter of the one who discovered ancient aliens and gets his adventure of a lifetime in search for a disk that will stop Apocalypse in “The Pontoon Houseboat.” Discover the funny side of a different kind of love story between a young scientist, his colleagues, and the robots from outer space in “Things.” Chuckle at every turn as two friends and their wives ride their modified vehicles against visiting aliens in “The Race of the Worlds.” Lastly, turn back time in “The Little Black Time Box,” where a professor and his two women colleagues try to discover how a little time box can affect events and people while at the same time exploring possible relationships that will get your mind in the gutter.

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Western Baltija Shipbuilding delivers multi-purpose cargo ship

Anetta has two cargo holds with 10 pontoon hatches, each of the cargo holds with capacity ... Today, the concern incorporates one shipbuilding yard in Klaipeda town and three ship repair yards in Estonia, Lithuania and Finland. Together, they offer ...

Stop this rubbish

SUNBURY — One disintegrating refrigerator, one television, two truck batteries, a couple of lawn chairs, about a dozen tires, too many plastic bottles to count and much assorted junk later ... of stuff. Two pontoon boats served as “garbage barges ...

Mass. man safe after crashing plane into Lake Winnipesaukee

By late in the day, the plane, which sunk near Diamond Island, was being marked by state marine patrol buoys and lines, and divers from Dive Winnipesaukee in Wolfeboro were on their way to help salvage the plane. "We have one boat there and another on the ...

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Boat Junkyards - Boat Salvage Yards - Boat Wrecking Yards

Often, the boat salvage yards offer a bidding list online or in print of the available boats and equipment and then auction off the items.

Boat Salvage Yard? -

A boat salvage yard is a yard where people take their old or damaged boats for disposal. Some salvage yards offer to purchase old and used boats from consumers

Boat Salvage Yards

Boat Salvage Yards. Custom Search Search ... State Boat Salvage Yard Directory. Boat repair & troubleshooting. Car. Boat ...

Green Bay Prop - Used Boat Parts | Boat Salvage Yards ...

Green Bay Prop offers used mercury outboard parts, OMC Cobra, omc Stringer, Evinrude, Johnson & Mercriuser parts & used boat trailers for sale. Shop securely.