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World's Fastest Pontoon Boat - Brad Rowland's South Bay 925CR

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Damaged pontoon to be removed | Otago Daily Times Online News ...

Macandrew Bay's floating pontoon is out of action after last week's strong winds damaged it beyond repair. 5m-long steel and wood pontoon at the Macandrew Bay Boating Club is to be removed and dismantled next week.


RT @APorterOfficial: PEOPLE! Only 8 tix on sale now to go on a private sunset boat ride with me and @TylerLayneMusic ! Get them FAST http:/… RT @APorterOfficial: PEOPLE! Only 8 tix on sale now to go on a private sunset boat ride with me and @TylerLayneMusic ! Get them FAST http:/… RT @APorterOfficial: PEOPLE! Only 8 tix on sale now to go on a private sunset boat ride with me and @TylerLayneMusic ! Get them FAST http:/…


Kasai: Outback

It's been six months since Dr. Jackson O'Neil discovered dinosaurs living in the Democratic Republic of the Congo; and now he's at it again, this time heading to the outskirts of Sydney, Australia, to help out his childhood hero, Dr. John Tice, and his daughter, Maya, when mysterious disappearances start to occur out in the bush. But what Jackson and his best friend, Dr. Marshall Fredericks, and his girlfriend, Dr. Lauren Kimble, discover is a creature almost too terrifying to comprehend: a beast which was thought to have gone extinct thousands of years ago. And when Jackson's suddenly needed in Africa again, he will be on a race against the clock as a deadly force of nature appears to destroy a city. Jackson will be racing the police to fi nd a murderous animal smuggler before he comprehends Jackson's task of return to Africa and prevent a group of rebel soldiers from destroying Kasai forever.

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Floating a big fundraiser idea

Corsicana — The big night is fast approaching for the 10 Grand Country Jam, an Aug. 2 fundraiser for the Child Advocates of Navarro County. What will make it a big night is the grand prize, a $31,000 pontoon boat. The 20-foot Hampton boat is one of three ...

Boat battery thief caught on camera

“It was unreal,” Estes said. “You couldn’t dial 911 fast enough.” Estes watched in real-time as the suspect climbed aboard a pontoon and started removing the boat’s batteries and stereo. “You see the suspect really plainly at the dash ...

Maritime merriment easy with boat-rental options around Western Pa.

Boat Moraine State Park's 3,225-acre Lake Arthur equipped with gear from Crescent Bay Marine & Boat Rental. The rental shop offers kayaks, canoes, tillers, paddle boards, runabouts and pontoon boats. The boats come in all shapes and sizes, and tandems are ...

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Fast Pontoon Boats | Avalon Pontoon Boats

Avalon makes fast pontoon boats that are comfortable, stylish, and safe. Our patented Waveglider system kicks your pontoon boat up a notch.

5 Rocket-Fast Pontoon Boats - Articles -

Once upon a time pontoon boats were mere party platforms, but today, you can get a high-performance super-fast pontoon boat that will knock your socks off.

Manitou Pontoon Boats - The Best in Performance and Luxury

Manitou Pontoon Boats is an industry leader in the manufacture of leisure, luxury, and performance pontoons. Our persistent emphasis on excellence has made us ...

How Fast Is A Pontoon Boat? | Manitou Pontoon Boats Blog

Dinosaurs, Bowling Balls and Lance Armstrong Ten things slower than a pontoon boat To honor Manitou Pontoon Boats' fastest model, the X-plode, we've come up

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Gear of the Show: 2014 Outdoor Retailer The deck is now six inches thick, the pontoon rails are seven inches and stop two-thirds of the way down the board, allowing for more control when you step back on the tail to punch through a wave or spin out of an eddy. And, at 40 inches wide, this

Microburst topples 13 boats taking part in Buccaneer North American ... Said Lipsher, "The sailors had been prepared for the possibility, with most wearing wetsuits, but it was the fast reaction of other boaters who rushed to their aid helped pluck them from the frigid water." Surface temperatures in the reservoir in