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ocean fishing kayaks?

Fire Fighter 64 says:

Besides craigslist and ebay, where is a good place to buy used or second hand fishing kayaks?

Grand Master Basser® says: Besides eBay and craigslist? Hmm... swapmeets, garage sales, yard sales, estate sales, thrift stores, etc. etc. etc. When I was working at my local Goodwill Store, we had a couple Ocean Kayaks...

Can I use a block roof rack system without any existing bars on my Saturn to haul a kayak?

Countrygirl says:

I plan on buying a fishing kayak this summer but will have to use my saturn to haul it. I dont plan on going on really far trips or windy areas. Just to the local lakes and rivers. My 97 saturn sc2 has no existing bars and I no that a bar system...

c_kayak_fun says: I've used foam blocks in the past BUT that was with touring kayaks and on a station wagon. Problem with fishing kayaks is that they are very heavy beasts. You could use the foam blocks but you...

Not the only one who cuts their broadbill into manageable chunks

Yesterday my Grownup Coat arrived in the mail, and today I wore it to work. I love it, it's all warm and snuggly and grownup-feeling. I call it a Grownup Coat because it's the first time I've ever spent over $100 on a coat that wasn't an oilskin or for snowboarding. It's for my walks to work in Wellington winters and I got it from Hikoi at a $90 discount.


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OUTDOORS: May is prime time for fishing

Overriding all these issues is the fact that this is usually the time for the best fishing of ... on-water canoe and kayak show in the Northeast, returns to Old Forge May 16–18. There will be hundreds of canoes and kayaks on sale and all types of ...

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Not sure why I'm suggesting used other than some really nice yaks can be had for used dollars. Otherwise, what do you want to do? Stand and fish, or planning on ... The 2 big advantages to this kayak are: 1) $200 on sale is a righteous deal!

Anglers increasingly turning to kayaks to fish hard-to-reach spots

Anyone who wants to put a non-powered boat on a Fish and Boat Commission-owned lake or use a commission launch needs a launch permit. Sales of ... amazing how many kayak fishermen we've found out there,” Heck said. “We've all been used to doing our ...

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Fishing Kayaks For Sale ... Your loud engine can literally stop the bite when the fish are not used to the noise. #2 – Low Cost Fishing ... A fishing kayak forces ...

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Looking for a kayak for sale? ... Check out our selection of new and used kayaks for sale today. ... This is a fun boat and can be used for snorkeling, fishing and ...

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The Summer Of 2008 Is Almost Here! February/March/April 2008 For Sale by Lottery: Used Kayaks, Motors and Party Boats LMVA IS LOOKING FOR A FEW GREAT GUARDS.

Used Kayaks For Sale : Fishing Kayak Review

Future Beach Highly Stable Catamaran Kayaks Let children use the Future Beach kayak without parental supervision. • Do not dive off the Future Beach Kayak.

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Gander Mountain is an outdoors destination "Speaking as an outdoorsman who has been hunting and fishing since I was as kid, Gander Mountain offers the most complete line of outdoors gear anywhere." The store is scheduled to open June He adds: "In addition to a complete line of new firearms

Fishing Kayak Help Buying If you have roof crossbars for your SUV then you just need kayak holders. For $99 the Even Keel system by Yakima is hard to beat. That would leave you with about $600 for a yak. I would strongly suggest you buy used and just get the best deal you can