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The Kayak Companion

In The Kayak Companion, Joe Glickman, a two-time member of the U.S. National Marathon Kayak Team, teaches beginners the basic techniques for all kinds of kayaking - sea, touring, and recreational. For more experienced kayakers, he offers expert advice on how to navigate in all kinds of waters and weathers. And kayakers of every skill level will appreciate Glickman's candid assessments of the various types of boats; how to read a compass; troubleshooting in lousy weather; and how to deal with lightning, big fish, and marauding powerboats. As Glickman discusses kayaking techniques, he weaves in stories of his own adventures, including such magical moments as the time when he saw a magnificent moon rise over New York City's Jamaica Bay and the day he almost made a fatal error during a ferocious 12-hour blizzard in Montana. The Kayak Companion not only gives kayakers essential information, it also inspires enthusiasm for one of the fastest-growing sports in North America.

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Your Ultimate Guide To The Los Angeles River This Season

This one's a 3.5 to 4-hour trip, so it's a much longer adventure. A $75 ticket will get you all the equipment you'll need, including a bike and a kayak, as well as a guide who will fill you in on wildlife and history of the L.A. River. The program goes ...

A family vacation on the Rogue River

Despite all the fun he had paddling his inflatable kayak, Rylan said his favorite part was Mule Creek ... no worry about getting the right equipment or preparing meals. When you go with an outfitter, all that work is already done. All you need to do ...

Mountain Sports Festival shows off Asheville’s best features

As a two-time second-place finisher at the infamous Class 5 Green River kayak race in Polk County ... more family activities and a stronger focus on the vendors — the Outdoor Gear Builders of Western North Carolina. Many were on hand to show off their ...

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Essential Kayak Gear and Equipment - About Paddling: Kayak ...

Buying your first kayak equipment is a bitter-sweet ... I always recommend using a helmet while Surf Kayaking. Non-essential Kayaking Equipment; Dry Top, Drysuit, ...

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Canoeing Equipment | Kayaks & Paddles

Equipment for all types of paddling including canoeing, kayaking, touring, sea kayaking, white water and sit on tops, all available from Kayaks & Paddles Plymouth in ...

Kayak Equipment

A Sea kayak or touring kayak is a kayak developed for the sport of paddling on open waters of lakes, bays, and the ocean. Sea kayaks are seaworthy small boats with a ...

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Spend your summer paddling with the proper kayaking gear Of course, a kayaking adventure must begin with a boat. Kayaks come in a number of styles for different purposes: whitewater running, fishing, sea excursions, flat-water paddling, and just plain goofing off. For a new paddler, a sit-in model works best

Whitewater Kayak Gear Guide If there was ever a paddling discipline in which to pick your gear battles, it's whitewater. You can get a little bogged down with everything you need to pack. Don't get lost in the paddle pogies and nose plugs. Make sure you fit snugly in your kayak