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Feelfree Atlantis 12 kayak by Muskoka Paddle Shack

Feelfree Atlantis 12 Transfers every greatness from the original Atlantis14. The Atlantis12 is the compact recreational touring with the stylish design. It a...

atlantis/bahamas questions...?

zebraballerina93 says:

My best friend invited me to go to the Bahamas this summer with her and her family. We won't be staying at Atlantis but across the way, at the Harborside Resort. I was wondering if there is any activities there?Also I heard there is a bridge that...

~~~whoa look at sexy sarah~~~ says: I stayed at Harborside two years ago, and am going back on Thursday. Harborside is a part of Atlantis. It's one of it's hotels. You have full acess to Atlantis, and yes, it is free to go to...

Atlantis Bahamas Resort Review?

LAClippers222 says:

My family is thinking about going there. I am 18 and my brother is 21. Do you think this would be good for us? What do you think of Atlantis? Thank you.

Becca says: Atlantis is very expensive, but The Bahamas is great. Whenever I visit a country, i want to experience the country's culture, the weather, meet the people and explore around. Atlantis is basically...

A paddling "demo" day on a Loch named Tay...

Riding on the roof racks, and prepped (well, almost ) for a test paddle, were a Valley Étaín and a P&H Scorpio LV. The Ford Focus, only recently converted to an authentic Kayak Transport Vehicle (KTV*), was grinning from bow to stern - in an... Valley and P&H are two of the best known manufacturers of.


Pauline Frommer's Hawaii

Spend Less and See More in Hawaii Are You Ready to Travel Smart? If you'd like to get the most out of your dollar and your trip, this is the guide for you. I put a fresh spin on budget travel, showing you how to see the best for less and how to see it in a more authentic way-the way the locals do. Instead of spending $300 a night for a chain hotel, why not stay at the Wabi-Sabi House on Maui where you can sleep in an enclosed, tranquil treehouse for just $70 a night, or bed down in an oceanfront condo on Kauai for $105 a night? On Oahu, eat a Hawaiian plate lunch at the Rainbow Drive-In for under $4, so you can splurge on dinner. Try Iron Chef champion Seiya Masahara's specialty-Japanese comfort food known as oden, a hotpot of dashi (broth) with long-simmered vegetables-at Hakkei. Let me show you the "other" Hawaii-the one only insiders know about. Listen to slack-key guitar jam sessions on Oahu or volunteer to work with the Hawaii Wildlife Fund on Maui to help endangered sea turtles get a healthy start on life. These are only a few of the great ways to get closer to the culture of Hawaii. Read on for more! Happy Travels, Pauline Frommer Winner of Best Guidebook for 2006 from the North American Travel Journalists Association (Pauline Frommer's New York City)

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Gov't: Airlines should disclose bag, seat fees

The government also wants to expand its definition of a "ticket agent" so that consumer regulations like the fee-disclosure requirement apply to online flight search tools like Kayak and Expedia even though they don't actually sell tickets. Many consumers ...

A Wish Granted in The Bahamas for Noah Beckford of Minnesota

He said the idea to come to The Bahamas came from seeing an Atlantis Paradise Island television commercial. “When I saw it, I said ‘That looks like so much fun,’ ” he said. “I thought my family would enjoy as well. So far, we have been on the ...

On Kauai's North Shore, Mother Nature paints with green

In fact, it was an iffy decision, toward the end of our visit, to ignore the low-hanging, rain-heavy clouds, wrestle a rented kayak into the water at the river's mouth and paddle away from the tidal tug toward the taro fields of the Hanalei Valley.

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The glut of Canadian kayak companies being bought up by American corporations has challenged Coast Mountain’s “buy local approach”. Current Designs has moved ...

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Beyond scuba diving in Bonaire At Atlantis Beach, the popular kite-surfing spot, I spent several hours, cold beer in hand, watching the pros fly and flip across the water. Here you'll need a car to enter, but you can go bird-watching, mountain biking, kayaking or hiking. One of

Brevard launches 'I Need My Space' tourism promotion The promotion will focus on "vacations that pack a punch," touting "authentic thrill rides," such as kayak racing, kite-boarding, surfing and zip-lining. TWsquared The KSC Visitor Complex and its space shuttle Atlantis exhibit also are prominent in