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2 shot in movie theater in Midtown Atlanta

ATLANTA (AP) — Atlanta police are investigating a shooting inside a movie theater in the city's Midtown neighborhood that left two people hospitalized in stable condition. Atlanta police spokesman John Chafee said in an email that a group of people were ...

Johnny Manziel: "I'm not the same guy"

But after 13 games as a backup and two starts in which he seemed overwhelmed and unprepared ... the photo of him drinking champagne while floating in a pool on an inflatable swan or hanging out with pop star Justin Bieber, may have affected his readiness ...

See what happens when a guy gives a homeless man $100

In an apparent effort to further the stereotype of homelessness, a man approached a homeless person on the street, presented him with $100, and then proceeded to follow him with a camera to see how the homeless man would spend it. The filmmaker appears on ...

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Product Features 12-foot, 2-man inflatable kayak individuals; more spacious than 10-foot model

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Sevylor's inflatable kayaks offer the durability you need for enjoying whitewater rapids, ... Colorado™ 2-Person Kayak Combo. $429.99 : Big Basin™ 3-Person Kayak.

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Beginners Top Pick - New to Kayaking? Advanced Elements Lagoon Tandem Inflatable Kayak – More Info; Voted #1 Seller – Customer Favorite! Advanced Frame ...

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Trekkayak inflatable catamaran backpacks to distant waters . By C.C. Weiss. December 10, 2014. 1 Comment Trekkayak's Kurt Sjöblom tells us that the dual hulls give the vessel more directional stability when compared to a raft and more stability when

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