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Exclusive Unique One Of A Kind Innovative Product SHIP From USA Fast

Exclusively Made InUSAAbsolute Best Highest Quality Product

Specially formulated made for the listed purpose

No Soldering Electrically Conductive Adhesive Glue

Very easy to use simply apply it as any other adhesive paint glue

Let it dry that's it all without any heat or any soldering

Make Electrical Conductive Connections WITHOUT Soldering or Heating

Amazing product no more solder soldering make conductive electrical connections

DIY fix repair build install connect shield restore projects electrical conductor conduct electricity

The circuit below made with no soldering glue wires connected to a power supply working great all without soldering


Size 0.3 FL.OZ. (9.0 ml) Container Largest Available Very High Quality The Best

This easy to use No soldering glue is suitable for AC & DC circuits. Its conductive formula effectively seals wire breaks or connections. Suitable for low voltage applications electronics, hobbyists, and home use. No solder Conductive Glue uses micro carbon technology to make a glue paint that also conducts electricity. That's right no need for soldering anymore now that you have this no soldering glue! It acts like glue apply as easy as paint. Put simply it sticks bits together and allows electricity to flow between them. This glue is great for repairing wires, gluing together electronic kits, really safe (i.e. no heat). Electric Glue Fix Build Repair Model Railroads Trains Loco Motor Power Steam Locomotive Freight Car Tracks Railway HO Scale DCC O N Conductive Wire Adhesive no heat.

In one simple step you can make low voltage AC and DC electrical connections without soldering or heating.

Make electrical connections quickly without heat or solder. Attach wires to panels, batteries, etc. using this amazing product. Conductive non-toxic this product is great for low voltage electrical connections. Just apply it and allow too dry. No solder glue is the solution when you can't find the soldering iron, don't want to bother, are out in the woods, don't quite trust a fifth-grader with a hot iron, can't reach the connection with both hands, whatever. This stuff conducts low voltage AC and DC circuits in a permanent bond and is easy to use. Perfect for those really small points hard to reach sensitive to heat. This should be part of every DIY Do-it-Yourselfer toolbox in an emergency it's a good idea to have the tools available at hand to fix the problem.

Instructions included for usage.
Made in USA at a quality facility to insured quality and consistency.
This electrically No Soldering Conductive Glue Paint that doesn't produce any toxic fumes.
This is safe for skin contact.
Make electrical connections without using a soldering iron or solder or heat.
Just apply it and allow it to dry all without using a soldering iron.
Makes electrical connections carries AC and DC current the same as if you were soldering with solder. Made in USA

Size 0.3 FL.OZ. (9.0 ml) Container

Applications for both AC and DC low voltage projects


Solar Panels, Science Fair Projects, Audio Systems, Headphone Cords, Car Stereo, TV and Radio Antennas, Home Electronics, Solar cells, Keypad rubber keypads restore conductivity. Hobby Projects, Cable TV Connections, Flashlights, Christmas tree lights, Bell Wiring, Model Trains, Boats and Planes, motorcycles and more. • Lead Free   • Simple: One Easy Step   • Reliable: Permanent Bond   • Highly Conductive   • For Both AC and DC Circuits   • Quick and Easy Repairs•Solar Panels • Surface Mount   • Computer Repair   • Flex Boards   • Connector Repair   • Solar Cell Leads   • RF Shielding.Formulation is ideal for bonding all types of low voltage electrical connections. Electrically conductive bonds to aluminum and steel too!

Highest Quality Absolutely Best

Don't want to solder? Use this No Soldering Glue instead. Just apply with a toothpick or brush and allow it to dry and bond and you have a solid electrical connection.

Veryversatilefor many different projectsas you can see some examples below of this.

Solar Cells

Tabbed solar cells easily together using our conductive paint glue simply put one on top of the other as pictured.

Fix Broken Solar Cells

Installing Flex Board on a Gamepad

Without soldering using our conductive product using toothpick to apply it easily tape use to hold it in place until dry.

Shielding Guitars RF Shielding EMI

The fastest and easiest way to shield instrument pickup cavities, control cavities and other smaller areas. When connected to electrical ground, the shielded surfaces help reduce noise, hum and radio interference.

    Absolutely no toxic solvents and additives completely carbon based to avoid corrosion or oxidizing metal particles over time. Use for Shielding Guitars, RFI Shielding etc., Can be used for pickup control cavities and covers and other smaller areas. Water soluble until it dries for a neat clean job. The shielded painted surfaces help reduce noise, hum and radio interference. Works Great to shield out all those radio waves. You can use it in the pickup cavity and in the electronic cavity and it cuts the noise down. If you have any routing work inside the control cavity this is a great solution. It's much easier than lining an area with copper foil. This is essential for any electronics installation inside a guitar in which you need to re-shield an area. This is a superb, cost effective and easy to use shielding product. You can use this on all of your Drew & Sebastian custom guitars and basses etc. Highly recommended for all, won't peel off like shielding tape. The foil can be difficult to use properly and if not done correctly will only cause problems. This product is easy to apply, doesn't require any additional soldering and creates a good shield against outside interference. You will be glad that you made the switch. It really saves a lot of time, not just as a quick way to get a good shield, but with a little planning, it allows you to ground everything without wires going everywhere. It works great! You can use it for all control cavities shielding needs.

Keypad Repair Fix Remote Controls

Remote Controls TV Keypads Keyboards Buttons Not Working

Solution this product can fix them! This product will fix them very easily!

Restores electrical conductivity to worn carbon contacts on remote controls keypads etc.Remotes for TVs, DVD players, stereos, keypad etc., Home security keypad, parking access keypad buttons.Garage door opener, telephone, handsets, cell phones, microwaves, and calculator’s keypad. Keyboards, game pads remotes, etc. And many more keypads & remote controls.

 Repair dead or intermittent buttons in devices with a keypad that uses conductive rubber switches TV DVD player and games console remotes, alarm keypads, garage door openers etc. It also works well on keyboards that use rubber membrane switches for the keys many do. Have some of the buttons stopped working or have to be pushed very hard to make them work like the on/off button. Nearly all remote control keypads use switches formed by pushing a conductive rubber pad down onto copper tracks on a circuit board. Over time the conductive coating on the rubber keypad wears out and the switches fail. This product is a special conductive adhesive that restores conductivity to the worn pads and gets them working perfectly.

Restores electrical conductivity to worn carbon contacts.
Repair conductive rubber pads restore the conductivity of worn carbon contacts.

If some of the rubber keys on your remote control keypad have stopped working. Do you have to press really hard to get them to work?

Malfunctioning buttons are the most common ailment among aging remotes.
Typically, malfunctioning buttons are caused by a wearing away of the conductive material on the back of each button,
Without this material, no electrical contact is made with the remote's circuit board.
Eventually, it becomes difficult or impossible to change channels, adjust volume or perform any number of remote functions.

Our product restores electrical conductivity to worn contacts on rubber buttons keysthat have worn off making it unable to complete the circuit.
If some of the keys on your remote have stopped working or
you have to push really hard to get them to work this will fix them.
Our product coats the rubber keypad with a conductive solution to
restore the conductive material that has worn off over time to make it function again.

Apply our conductive product to electrically carbon contacts on the keypads to restore conductivity. Open your remote control, keypad, keyboard etc.  Apply a thin coat of the product to each of the keypad's carbon contacts on the keypad. Let the remote fully dry before putting it back together.
Done all fix very easy!

Best Service!  Best Quality!  Best Packaging!  Best Shipping Fastest!

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