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1985 17 foot Boston Whaler Montauk Fishing boat for sale, Laguna Heights, TX

1985 17 foot Boston Whaler Montauk Fishing boat for sale, Laguna Heights, TX, $6500. For more information visit

Eventide - Chapter Sixteen

Ephraim spent most of the modest savings he had accumulated repairing guitars on a second hand car and started north toward Woodstock, New York, the site of the legendary Music Festival, which was held during four rain-soaked days in August 1969.... Max himself died of a heart attack in Florida four years after he sold his ruined business, but Ephraim and Rainbow were convinced that the property was still enveloped in the magical aura that had sanctioned the peaceful gathering, under... For them, it was consecrated ground, and they wanted their baby to be born there and be blessed by its mystical presence. They drove as far as Saugerties, New York before their car lost its last cylinder, then hitched along state highway 212 into town. Woodstock had become an affluent community in the years following the music festival, but it had always been a safe haven for artists and musicians, so Ephraim and the very pregnant Rainbow were welcomed, not as the penniless vagrants they... On a bright sunny Tuesday afternoon, eleven days after their arrival in Woodstock, Rainbow's water broke, and they hastened to a meadow on the former diary farm. There, amidst a field of blazing sunflowers, Rainbow gave birth to a baby girl. After Ephraim had cleaned away the amniotic fluid and placed his daughter at her mother's breast, he lifted her up toward an unclouded sky and said, "May you journey aways through life along a primrose path. When Rainbow looked puzzled, he explained, "Oh, walking along a primrose path means having a life of ease and tranquility. " Rainbow said, her face glowing. Then, after a moment of reflection, she added, "That's it, then, we'll call her Primros e. Names are so important. It will help her begin a life filled with peace and happiness. That was it, then, the circumstances of her birth and the manner of her naming, The date was June 2, 1983. â„¥. "Morons. How could they be so ignorant, she wondered, to imagine that life along a primrose path was a life free from anxiety and worry when the term itself was drenched in irony.


Reynolds Beal, Impressionist Landscapes and Seascapes

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Montauk, New York

Owned by local fishermen, the restaurant has a boat-to-table approach that delivers the freshest ... "I've seen 15,000 pounds [6.8 tonnes] of swordfish right here," he says, beaming. Fishing is Montauk's mainstay, but for a long time the village, settled ...

Jerry Ruschmeyer, 64

a Montauker who moved to Florida, where he was the captain of sportfishing boats for many years ... founded Ruschmeyer’s hotel and restaurant in Montauk, and he grew up and attended public school there. His graduating class had only 17 members and ...

Old Timers' Dinner In Montauk To Honor The Nessel Brothers

The benefit will take place at the Clam and Chowder House at Salivar's from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Jacob and Richie Nessel have made their living fishing in Montauk for over 50 years. The brothers own their own boats and have also worked on several charter and ...

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Montauk Sportfishing - Everything you need to know about fishing in Montauk NY

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Charter Fishing on Montauk Harbor, a variety of fast and comfortable sportfishing boats of New York.


Features fishing with Captain Mike Albronda, offers photos and rates with links for fishing reports around the world.

Montauk Sportfishing

Everything you need to know about fishing in Montauk NY, charterboats, shark, striped bass, tuna, bluefish, fluke, flounder, seabass, codfish

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Peer-to-Peer Boat Rentals He rented a boat through Cruzin for a day of fishing. As of press time, Cruzin had no boats listed for prime destinations like Montauk, New York, and only one boat listed for Cape Cod, Massachusetts (a 21-foot Grady-White:

Montauk Playhouse: Big Community Center Goes Bigger Fishing boats tied up at the dock there. The fishermen would come out every day in the summertime, boarding trains in Queens at 4:30 in the morning to arrive in the dark of early dawn at Montauk and then rush across the railroad tracks to get the best