Composite Infusion Process, Manufacture by Nova Craft Canoe This is a video produce by Nova Craft Canoe, it will educate you on how a composite canoe are being done. You will also see how to s...

Canoe or Kayak, and why?

Kay says:

Do you prefer to canoe, or kayak? What type of boat do you have? What type of water to you paddle in? How long have you been paddling? Are you a solo or tandem paddler? Why do you do one over the other? What is your favorite river/trip? I...

c_kayak_fun says: I agree that paddling a canoe with real skill takes more time and practice and can be more challenging in some ways. I lived for a while in Michigan and know its waterways are quite nice by canoe....

Nova Craft Pal, nearly new - Song of the Paddle

Nova Craft Pal, RX Lite, green, Al gunwhales. Just about 1 year old and used only on flat water around 1/2 dozen times hence in superb condition with only very light / unavoidable launching scratches. Kneeling thwart fitted (3 coats varnish) and canoe drilled and laced full length. Weighs about 26kg. Condition would be obvious had I been able to attach the pictures I took.


@Nova_Craft Saw one of your canoes driving by, yesterday afternoon. Has canoe season *finally* opened up here? New #Canoe. Cronje 17 by Nova Craft. Paddling season is coming! #summer #tripping



Provides information on all aspects of canoes and canoeing, including choosing the right boat; paddles and gear; transporting and launching a canoe; and learning the basic strokes

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Apr 12 Canoe Kayak UK Should I upgrade to a hard shell? Apr 11 Song of the Paddle Nova Craft Pal, nearly new Apr 11 Song of the Paddle New Canoe Storage Solution Apr 11 Song of the Paddle Coleman ram x 16 seats wanted Apr 11 Song of the Paddle Sex on the ...

Paddle East

and in partnership with Canoe Kayak Nova Scotia, an organization that fosters "the growth and development of safe and environmentally responsible, recreational canoeing and kayaking," they're offering lessons on how to use said craft. Also, check out their ...

Exchanging nut-food for penguin steaks

Signing on with Robert Falcon Scott in 1911, MacLeod joined the crew of the Terra Nova racing for the Antarctic ... Thomas MacLeod readily shared his vast knowledge of the ancient craft of seamanship. The Endurance launched on Aug. 8, 1914, from England ...

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Reviews for canoes from Nova Craft Canoe. Canoe reviews submitted by consumers who have paddled canoes from Nova Craft Canoe. Find the best canoe.

Nova Craft Canoe Sale Bob Special Prospector 15 16 17 18 ...

Nova Craft Canoes note: Nova Craft uses two versions of Royalex. We have found their lighter Royalex to be similar to other brands for durability while their ...

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Cochrane captures Kenduskeag Race division with daughter 40 years after ... KENDUSKEAG, Maine — Greenville native Chip Cochrane had originally intended to attend the 48th annual Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race to support his wife, Lani Love-Cochrane, and her paddling partner Shelley Koenig. But, three days before Kayaker

AS Watersports Open Canoe Demo Day Sat 10th The A.S Watersports Open Canoe demo day is free entry and demos are free all day. Brands attending: Mad River Nova Craft Venture Canoes Old Town Bending Branches Grey Owl Werner and more. News on workshops, tours, coaching and special offers