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I have an old friend from college that designs, builds, and sells structures. Do you know an investor?

No Lefty without Aggregate Systems says:

I have an old friend from college that designs, builds, and sells buildings and bridges. He’s an engineer and architect, with all the degrees. Given the opportunities in New York City around the new World Trade Center, he has 3 design projects...

Dora says: I have five dollars. If your friend can turn that into a million I will give your friend $163,000.

Anyone replaced kevlar skid plates on an Old Town Tripper hull?

Bill says:

Have an Old town Tripper, circa 1980 with 5 ply oltonar- royalex hull. Installed skid plates when new. In front especially has started to lose the bond and separate. Fear is, parts of epoxy is still bonded well enough that any rough abrasion...

Capt. John says: No solvent I know of is going to loosen that bond. You will need to sand it down, then re-aply a new layer or two of kevlar using boat epoxy. Sanding it will be the tough part. You can purchase...

A Delightful Cornish Seaside Celebration

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Wholesale Boat Parts is an online retailer of wholesale boat parts and accessories including Livewell Timer,Trolling Motor plug and Receptacles

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Wholesale Boat Parts

Mar-Lan 14 Pin Deutsch Connector for Mercury Engine Harness.(6123-01)... Product Features... One Foot blunt cut wire leads and 14 Pin Deutsch Connector to mate with ...

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3 in the bag for wedding planner He moved to Rakiraki in the late 90s to start a wholesale and retail business. "He purchased a bigger boat with an engine to be used when the water is high, while a small boat can be used with manual paddling when the weather is good," FDB said.