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What are the costs of owning a small motorized boat?

abc123 says:

I don't know much about boats! What does it cost to insure (do you HAVE to have insurance?), maintain, and dock/store a small boat? And by small, I guess I mean the smallest boat that has a steering wheel and you can fit maybe 4 people on it (not...

Boatin' in VA! says: You've gotten some great answers already but nobody has mentioned... food for each time you go out drinks for each time you go out your favorite libation for each time you go out ice for the...

Where can I rent a boat in North Shore Mass?

kaparzo9 says:

This would be my first time on a boat. Any advice would be appreciated; such as how much it roughly costs? do I have to pay insurance? I am just looking for a small boat for a few hours.

tazmx says: for boat rentals check http://www.rentalboatcharters.com

5 Reasons Why YOU Should Have Umbrella Insurance

A few years ago, a Seattle driver of a Ford pickup didn’t see a fire hydrant in the corner of an industrial warehouse parking lot as he was backing out of a parking space. The resulting high-pressure discharge of water from the hydrant flooded the parking lot, creating a massive sinkhole and restricting access to the commercial building for days.


@GeraldoRivera you are missing the boat by not looking at the '13 tax issues..insurance is just a small portion of the ACA.

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Small business owners to Congress: I liked my health care plan just fine — and now it’s gone

“I was shocked back in September when I received notice from Blue Cross Blue Shield that my health ... She later added, “shocked isn’t even the right word — it’s unacceptable.” Millions of Americans have started to receive ...

Boat insurance

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Possible sinkhole reported in yard in Florida

DUNEDIN, Fla. (AP) — Residents of several Florida homes have been evacuated due to a possible sinkhole that opened in a backyard in Pinellas County on Thursday. Dunedin Deputy Fire Chief Trip Barrs said the hole appeared to be about 12 feet ...

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Boats and snow don't mix well in Valdez photo. The beautiful clear skies seen at the small boat harbor hide the fact that heavy snows can hit the area very quickly, putting moored boats at risk of sinking from the unbalanced and often heavy weight. The long-delayed winter weather

Small business owners to Congress: I liked my health care plan just fine ... “The costs have gone up despite all the promises our prices would go down,” he said, noting that the launch of his state's small business insurance exchange has been pushed back to April, leaving him without options he was told would be cheaper than