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Can I live in a house boat in Delaware?

Archie says:

I live in Seattle now but I'm hoping to move to Delaware. I want a house boat and I was wondering if they are common or easy to find in northern Delaware. Out of state would be fine if it's around Wilmington.

Starlight 1 says: Delaware is not like Seattle, I'm sorry to say- we don't have a calm, placid Sound where living in something like a houseboat is possible. Yes, we have Delaware Bay, but it's part of the Atlantic...

What are best museums and parks to visit in Seattle?

Lalapunk says:

I'm planning a trip to Seattle in August and I'm curious which are the best mesuems to see and which are considered tourist traps? I also want to know if there is public transportation to Olympic National Park.

bartzturkeymom says: The best parks and museums in Seattle (this is hard to narrow down) The Seattle area has some really unique museums: The Seattle Art Museum which is currently housed in the Seattle Asian Art...

Rough Ideas Registered Digitally: Pencil App for Designers by 53 [Video]

How feng shui can boost your energy level We all have days where we drag, when we wonder how on earth we will stay awake until the day’s end. The thought behind feng shui is that your energy level may be directly correlated to your own space, both home and office. We’ve been pulled in more directions than we often can handle.

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Acadia House-boat Rentals, Seattle

Contact Acadia Rentals for a unique stay in Seattle. You can wake up to a 180-degree view of the beautiful Lake Union in one of their house-boats, available for rent! These floating homes are comfortably furnished and heated, and come equipped with a ...

Seattle Houseboats For Sale & Rent – What’s Been Happening Out There With Us Is Good For YOU

Wow! After a bit of a lull for Seattle Houseboats, a lot is happening out there on Lake Union! You may have read recently in Molly’s article about one of the Seattle houseboats for rent. The interesting thing about that is that I also had ...

Seattle's houseboat community unmoored over shoreline restrictions

Later this week, I’ll be leaving Brooklyn for my native state of Washington. In anticipation of my week-long holiday visit, I thought it would be appropriate to publish a Seattle-centric news item dealing with a perennially thorny topic that I’ve ...

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Seattle House Boats | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Gasworks Park Marina Seattle, Washington I was attracted to the stop light colors in the midst of an otherwise crappy day.

Seattle House Boats | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

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Seattle House Boats - Boats

Seattle House Boats. ... Can I live in a house boat in Delaware? Archie says: I live in Seattle now but I'm hoping to move to Delaware.

Fire Line » house boat

September 20- Seattle Firefighters saved a sinking house boat on Lake Union. At 7:10 a.m., a caller told Fire Dispatchers a two story house boat was taking on water.

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Port Orchard homeowners fear losing homes with trail The couple runs a charter boat business out of their home and uses part of the property as a vacation rental, which brings in up to $2,000 a month. “I'll lie down in front of the dozers, I will be that one person,” said Rusk. But Mayor Tim Matthes says

Mysterious Celebrity Deaths That Still Have Us Scratching Our Heads But the boat's captain Dennis Davern claims he heard the Oscar-nominated actress fighting on the deck with Wagner. Shortly thereafter, no one could locate Wood. Kurt Cobain was found dead in his Seattle home on April 5, 1994, and though officially