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How can 4 guys in a row boat hold the United States Navy at bay?

techline210 says:

Let me try to Understand this! 4 guys in a Row Boat are keeping the "UNITED STATES NAVY" ( The Most Powerful Naval Force in the World }, At Bay??? Perhaps jimmy carter should be consulted for advice on the terms of Our Surrender.

DebbieP says: they are NOT in a row boat. they're in a life raft that has a cover over it, so you can't tell where the american hostage is and where the pirates are. WHY are you guys so willing to blow this...

Is it possible to cross the Pacific Ocean in a row boat?

puneetsatyawan says:

I was just wondering whether it is possible to cross the Pacific Ocean, from Brisbane, Australia to San Francisco, California, USA, in a simple row boat, without any outboard engines. And how long it will take to row... I want to attempt it, any...

mariner31 says: Yikes !! I have done the San Francisco to Hawaii run in a 40 foot sailboat, and THAT was scary enough !! A quick look at wikipedia provides this information however: Having become the first...

Locked Buck Nearly Drowns, Rescued By Hunters In Rowboat ...

Two hunters, one apparently a veterinarian and the other his son, got a call that there were two bucks with locked antlers thrashing in a nearby river. Check out this amazing footage showing how they were able to free the live buck by rowing out and cutting away the dead one's antlers.


stwpz lke my phone pon a row boat ? RT @emma_winter77: I love the row boat scenes in movies...the whole firefly and weeping willow trees over the river thing makes my heart me… row, row, row your boat

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Rowing, rowing Whitehall boats; Life is but a dream

No, this was not a race to rediscover America, it was the International Rowing Federation’s annual rowing tour. Every year, the event takes place in a different country, and this year, after journeying along the Connecticut River and into the Long Island ...

Pelican Scorpio Fishing Row Boat

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Rowing club to host York Small Boats Head event (From York Press)

YORK City Rowing Club will host their biggest event of the year on the River Ouse tomorrow. The club’s annual York Small Boats Head, which will be rowed upstream over a 3,000-metre course from Fulford Ings to King’s Staith, is a major annual rowing ...

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row-boat — ˈrəubəut = rowing boat n гребная лодка row boat = rowing boat row boat = rowing boat rowing boat: rowing boat гребная шлюпка …

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Row Boat. 9,789 likes · 1 talking about this. In 2003, Mark began writing and composing. In 2004 he co-founded “Some Are Saints” with Christopher Beale, which ...

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Row Boat

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Post subject: Row, Row, Not Row Your Boat !!!! Was out for a ride yesterday and saw this! It might be hard to see, but try to enlarge the photo and get the laugh I got. I would have tried to get closer to the shoreline, but am unable to get down steep hills. And if you drive down to the boat ramp

Road flooded? This rooftop storage box turns into a row boat We've all seen footage of people with cars stuck in deep water on a flooded road. Now, instead of becoming the subject of somebody's viral video, you could handle it like a boss with this rooftop cargo carrier that flips over to become a two-man row boat.