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100 Animals to See Before They Die

100 Animals to See Before They Die is inspired by the Zoological Society of London's recently launched conservation project EDGE - Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered. EDGE targets some of the world's most bizarre and unusual creatures, animals which are extremely distinct in the way they look, live and behave. They have few or no close relatives and require immediate action to save them from extinction. If they disappear there will be nothing like them left on the planet. Amazingly, many of these species are ignored by existing conservation plans. 100 Animals fights this ignorance by highlighting the danger these species are in and will encourage greater involvement in the fight to save them. Some EDGE species, such as tigers, elephants and pandas are well known, but 100 Animals features dozens of lesser known and extraordinary animals such as the Yangtze River Dolphin (the world's rarest cetacean), the Bumblebee Bat (the smallest mammal on earth) and the egg-laying Long-beaked Echidna. Organised by world regions (Eurasia, Australasia, Africa, New World, South East Asia, the Oceans) and with a whole section devoted to Madagascar, 100 Animals is inspirational and packed with information about each animal and where to find it. Each animal is illustrated in colour and accompanied by a distribution map and information about its key characteristics and the specific threats it faces, plus details about any conservation work taking place.

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80 years of rowing: Memorial Day Boat Race heavy on family, tradition

Two-person teams from Rochester, Mattapoisett, Acushnet and other area towns compete in homemade boats, setting off at one-minute intervals ... In their new boat, River Wolf, the Roys finished fifth in their division and 13th overall.

Reality TV comes to Gloucester for ‘Wicked Tuna’

There’s nothing contrived about “Wicked Tuna,’’ a new reality ... fishing boat out of Gloucester. Bill Monte said the key to landing bluefin tuna is sharing information with other trusted captains, especially on a day when there are hundreds of ...

Sportfish Catalogue 2012

Welcome to the Sportfish Online Catalogue. We are the leading fly fishing tackle supplier in the UK. We are leading stockists of Sage, Simms, Hardy Greys, Guideline, Patagonia and many more. We have everything that the Salt, Salmon and Trout fly fisher ...

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Riverwolf Custom Boats

Drift Boats. NO ONE builds a better rowing, more thought out boat than Riverwolf Boats. We’ve spent 25 year in the rowers seat perfecting our design…

Riverwolf Custom Boats – Drift Boats

Our drift boats have been around for over 25 years. We constantly strive to make the best drift boat possible using either 6061 T-6 or 5086 Marine Grade aluminum ...

Backyard build of a Home Made Wooden Drift Boat - YouTube

Backyard Build of the "Canadian" Drift Boat. Pictures taken over two months. Plans by Spira International www.spirainternational.com.

Ranger Boats - Request A Catalog

Bass and recreational fishing boats. Includes detailed product information, catalog request, dealer information, FAQs, newsletter, tournament information, bulletin ...