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12v 10w solar panel and 5w computer case fan, will it burnout?

Ryudai says:

It's a very simple question but one I need a precise answer to and google isn't helping much. If I have a solar panel with an output of 10w at 12v and I connect it directly to a computer case fan that needs only 5w at 12v will the fan burn out or...

Rudydoo says: Hey Ryudai, that 10 watt panel will run the fan just fine. What will happen over time is the fan will eventually fail, the reason is the power output from the panel will be "unregulated" if you...

How much does it cost to get started scuba diving?

Matthew says:

A kit/package that comes with a tank backpack tank holder thing. (I'm just getting started scuba diving.) and a breather thing. And whatever else I NEED.. thanks! :)

Adam In Lost Angeles says: My experience is as follows: My University had scuba diving cert. class. And since I was taking 12 units ("full time") any add'l class was free. That was at California State Univ. of Chico....

VIDEO: Regulator 25 on display in Fort Lauderdale | Trade Only Today

For many boat companies, the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show plays a vital role in generating business through the introduction of new products. Case in point: Regulator Marine of Edenton, N. C. Earlier this month, I spent a couple of hours at Regulator’s largest dealership, Oyster Harbors Marine in Osterville, Mass.

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The art of boat-building: Learning from a master

At the time, he just thought that after growing up on the water crabbing with his father ... There is just none of us left, that’s all.” That’s why when Harold Ruark’s failing health put him in search of someone to help spur on the Ruark Boatworks ...

Bourbon inks $130m sale

The company said on Friday that the sale of the two large 10-year-old Norwegian built ships, Bourbon Surf and Bourbon Borgstein, generated a total capital gain of about $63 million. Bourbon plans to continue operating the vessels for between two to five ...

Laying back with Red Boats and Riverhead blues

Where else on a sunny Sunday afternoon could be found sunken wrecks, explosives dumps, flying boat moorings, a parade of luxury waterfront estates, cold beer and hamburgers to die for? Look no further Aucklanders, and visitors from afar. All this and more ...

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Regulator boats for sale -

View new or used Regulator boats for sale from across the US, Europe and Rest of World on Offering the best selection of Regulator models to ...

Fishing Boats: Regulator Boats For Sale

Regulator's line of Sport Fishing Boats, from 23' to 34' are designed and engineered for the most discriminating anglers in the world. Regulator's "no ...

Regulator Boats for Sale -

Regulator Boats for sale from boat dealers, owners, and brokers. Need to sell a boat - sell it here on iboats.

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