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Kayaking the Boat Graveyard, Steamboat Slough, Everett WA

Steamboat Slough is a tidal channel full of wildlife, running between the Snohomish River and Puget Sound. At the top of the slough is a place where old boat...

What happens to old boats when no longer functional? Is there a place that buys and sells the parts?

PrBela says:

I was curious what happens to old boats. Is there a business for recycling all the wires and stuff? What about the fiberglass? What can they do with it?

TryItOnce says: Recycling yards, junk yards and eBay.

Where do old boats go to die?

captncluise says:

You often see old cars in wrecking yards but not old boats. There must be thousands around the world but since fibreglass doesn't rot or rust where are they?

Capn Jon says: Actually, you'll see many in old boat yards. They're the ones sitting back in the weeds, looking forlorn. Smaller boats usually end up in old barns or in the "back 40" of their owners. There's a...

City council considers new measures to clear old boats from Bayo - FOX 8 ... - FOX 8 News WVUE-TV

New Orleans, La. - City officials are looking at new measures to clear Bayou St. John of the old and molding kayaks moored along its side. "It amazes me that people are leaving these kayaks. You can pick them up and put them in your SUV. " said Councilmember Susan Guidry. Kayaks and canoes float on their side, growing moss and collecting rainwater, along.


2001 Sea Ray 260 Bow Rider (South Florida): 1495 Old Griffin Rd more ads by this user 2001 Sea Ray 26... http://t.co/j6TO77dDr4 Police a row boats down the river.. old people a escape from somewhere and a swim 10 Ingenious Ideas to Repurpose Old Boats - http://t.co/72z556CqMU http://t.co/0ooDL7u0jU


This Old Boat, Second Edition : Completely Revised and Expanded

Turn a run-down fiberglass boat into a first-class yacht Since it first appeared in 1991, Don Casey’s This Old Boat has helped tens of thousands of sailors refurbish older fiberglass boats and has become a revered classic among boat rehabbers.This second edition is revised from first page to last with new information on electrical systems, diesel engines, refrigeration, resins, plumbing and more. Plus, more than 600 newly created illustrations enhance the book’s beauty as well as its utility.

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Postscripts: We catch up to the trip down the Colorado River

Port Hadlock’s Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding got a plum assignment — and a challenge — just over a year ago when the BBC hired it to build three replicas of wooden boats used by Old West explorer John Wesley Powell in his ...

Old Jack's Boat: Series 1: The Clumsy Giant

Children's series about a retired fisherman who tells tall stories. Sam and Ernie are building a beach hut. Jack offers to fetch a feather duster to clean it with and this reminds him of an adventure he once had with a feather duster and a very clumsy giant.

Roche Harbor Salmon Classic to be held Feb. 6-8 on San Juan Island

The Roche Harbor Salmon Classic Invitational will be held Feb. 6-8 on San Juan Island. The derby is limited to 100 boats with a maximum of four anglers per boat. Cost is $756.70, and includes tax, all dinners for registered anglers and moorage.

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OldBoat.com - free classifieds for used powerboats

Free classified ads for antique, classic, and older powerboats of all kinds.

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City council considers new measures to clear old boats from Bayo - FOX 8 ... An enforcement agent would leave a sticker on the boats with a date when they would be confiscated, and just like for abandoned vehicles, there would be a storage fee and a daily fee up to $150 before they would eventually be sold. The problem is that

Port of Port Townsend dilemma: One old boat ready to be moved, another ... Port of Port Townsend dilemma: One old boat ready to be moved, another behind on rent. Click here to zoom Back rent again cloaks the Western Flyer, which once carried acclaimed author John Steinbeck to the Gulf of California in Mexico. —Photo by