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Till the Well Runs Dry - Milwaukee Magazine

On a pleasant evening in July, Portage County Executive Patty Dreier entered the county board’s wood-paneled chambers in downtown Stevens Point. By law, Dreier is required to deliver an annual state-of-the-county address, and in previous years, she had stuck to a formulaic recitation of needs and accomplishments.


Development of a Safer Jon Boat. Volume I. Design, Fabrication and Evaluation of Various Modified Johnboat Hulls to Increase Static and Underway Stability

A series of modifications was made on a relatively unstable boat. These modifications attempted to increase the dynamic stability of the boat without seriously degrading other small boat characteristics such as light weight, shallow draft, and relatively low cost. This report documents the modifications made and the results of evaluations performed on them. In addition, two equations were developed which predict the Stability Index of a boat, given its weight and maximum beam at chine.

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10 Foot Jon Boat Modifications

Congrats the boat looks great. I have been considering doing it to a 16 foot aluminum boat my grandfather gave me several years ago. I love to see when people take time to improve through ingenuity and a few bucks, rather than going out and buying ...

2014 Tracker Grizzly 1448 Jon

The Tracker Grizzly 1448 Jon is a practical boat designed for those who are looking a reliable ... from a dog ladder to a tree hugger to a rod holder. Plus, it sports a Mod V hull for a smoother, drier ride than you would find on a flat bottom boat.

2013 Alumacraft Flat / Jon Boat For Sale in Louisiana - $500.00

THIS BOAT MUST GO!!rnrnBoat: 2003 War Eagle 18x48rnI bought this boat in 2009 and added a few things...too many mods to list. Highlights are; rn12 gal+ fuel tankrnlive wellrngun/rod box rnCustom Beavertail flip blind with grassrnbattery... 2002 14' Welded ...

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Jon Boat Mods 2012 - Bass-Jon's

Bass-Jons - Hampton Roads Bass Fishing Resource ... Well, I have missed a few tournaments, but I've been working on a new/used boat I have picked up.

Jon-Boat Mods - Bass Fishing Virginia - ecomPlanet Web ...

Jon-Boat Mods Jon-Boat Modifications. This page is a listing of pictures and ideas for modification of Jon-Boats. If you have pictures or article of your Jon-Boat ...

Jon Boat Mods - Bass-Jon's

A great Jon-Boat site in Georgia. They have some awesome pictures of Jon-Boat modifications. If you get a chance visit our Bass'n Jon-Boat Brothers down south.

Jon Boat Mods

The newest of the modyfied boats! ... This feature is not available right now. Please try again later.

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Till the Well Runs Dry And if it works for the Little Plover River, it could be extended with minimal modifications to the rest of the Central Sands. “I know we can sustain the agriculture we have now,” . Krug's epiphany came on the shores of Marl Lake, where he saw a