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Sprint Jet Boat Racing, USSBA National finals 2011

Sept 17, 2011 USSBA sprint boat racing finals held at Extreme Sports Park, Port Angeles, WA. This was the first event held at this brand new track. The racin...

How to build the Mega Bloks Iron Man Race-Pod?


Today I bought the Mega Bloks Iron Man 2 Jet-Boat Pursuit set. I looked on the back and it says, " Build-able Jet-Boat transforms into a cool race pod. Where can i find these instructions?

El Cabayo says: a

Name of boat race in a narrow canal where you have a pilot and a man pointing direction for next coarse turn?

Jim J says:

It is a boat race where if the boat pilot misses the turn the boat could end up on dry land.

uncle_bobs_uncle says: you talking about jet boat racing, sometimes known as sprint racing? small water jet boats racing on a man mad course, small channels that cross each other and water is only a few feet deep.

Lyman-Morse working on refit of sailing yacht Bristolian (ex Mari Cha II)

The crew brought superyacht Bristolian to Lyman-Morse late in the season knowing that the company’s Belyea Docks are situated in the perfect hurricane hole. Tucked in around the bend of the St. George River is so secure that the crew can comfortably leave the boat in the care of Lyman-Morse and get away for a break.


Electric Glue Fix RC Model Racing Motor Sail Boat Yacht Jet Ski HO N F Scale RTR: $5.95 (0… Jet boat racing is so cool

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NQD PX-16 Storm Engine Mosquito Racing Boat RC 32" Catamaran R/C Jet Ship

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Jet sprint boat racing

The race itself will consist of a predefined course through the channels with 25 to 30 changes of direction. These races generally take just 45–60 seconds. Once qualifying is completed the competitors each run the course with the fastest qualifiers ...

Water Sport Champs turned V8 Ute Racers warm-up on Jet skis

Thirsty Camel Racing’s Craig Dontas regularly drives a Jet Ski but usually as a safety precaution when his children are travelling on his boat. “It was great to get out there and give it a good fang. I’m usually driving really slow in case I need to ...

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Игра Jet Boat Racing: вся информация об ...

Вся информация об игре Jet Boat Racing: последние новости от разработчиков, дата выхода игры на ...

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Santas descend on Sydney as festive season takes hold "They have dragon boat racing Santas, jet ski Santas, bouncing Santas. They have a Santa parade, it really is just everything that is good about Santa." Mr Fonti said his time playing Santa has seen his knee become a throne of hope for many youngsters

Vintage New Zealand Panoramics Will Transport You Into The Past (PHOTOS) trees and bridges on Queenstown's rivers in a <a href="" target="_hplink">Kawarau Jet boat</a> and then jump off the second highest bungy platform in the world with <a href="" target="_hplink">AJ