83mph in the SLICK- Raw Footage- EastTNFishing and Bullet Bass Boats

These were some shots taken while We were on Melton Hill Lake. Davids second pass was about 6 foot from me in the water. It was some awesome Adrenaline!! I t...

How fast is a 35hp mercury on a 15' Terry bass boat?

Arch Bishop Don Magic Juan says:

My buddy and I just bought a 15' Terry bass boat today with a 35hp Mercury outboard (1980 something). We took the boat on the water today but it didn't really seem to be going very fast (maybe 10-15 mph). How fast should we be going wide open?

SARGE says: I say 15 foot bass boat which is pretty heavy. I think 20 would be your max. It sounds about right.

What is the difference between an inboard motor and an outboard motor? Do inboard motors move up and down?

ty_bos says:

Why are outboards popular on fishing boats (bass boats) and inboards preferred on ski boats?

GW says: The difference is this....outboards the entire engine/lower unit are combined into one unit. For which is mounted on the rear of a boat. Inboard, or inboard-outboard, the engine is mounted on the...

Afternoon storms mean the early birds will catch the fish - Coffs Coast Advocate

THE early birds will be the ones who come home with the fish this weekend because the afternoons are likely to produce uncomfortable wind and possible storms. The rivers may have coloured up a little from the week of stormy weather but their general effect has been helpful, washing a few nutrients into water that was getting very clear.

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Bass in the West

he Columbia River wind tunnel offers monster ... flake Skeeters and Rangers cruising around these lakes. Even in central Oregon, where I live, bass have infiltrated the Deschutes River watershed and now provide amazing fishing for some oversized brutes.

Winter Bass Tricks

When the mercury drops, bass go deep. To catch more lunkers down low ... either hop it with repeated sharp upward strokes of the rod tip or reel it steadily back to the boat with a fairly fast retrieve. A blade bait is the ultimate ledge-hopping lure.

Pelican Predator DLX Fishing Boat

When you're fishing on a pond or a lake you can drive the Bass pro Rc Fishing Boat around until you catch a fish, watch the bobber and have fun driving in the fish! Catch big fish too! Kids ... Find, Compare, Read Reviews & Buy Pelican Predator DLX Fishing ...

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Fast Bass Boats - #1 Bass Boats

Are you looking for a fast bass boat but you don’t know where to start? Well there are many companies who claim to provide us with high performance fast bass boats.

#1 Bass Boats

So you want to go fishing and have decided to buy a quality bass boat? There are many trusted bass boat brands, but you want something that is already tested through ...

fast bass boat - YouTube

1989 Procraft 1660V with a DT140, running through the creek in lily pads

fast bass boat - YouTube

My mariner 2.4 ltr 200+hp ... Sign in with your Google Account (YouTube, Google+, Gmail, Orkut, Picasa, or Chrome) to add roostertail200 's video to your ...

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Afternoon storms mean the early birds will catch the fish Those in the camp of the coloured shirts, go-fast boats and sponsorship glory talk up the competitive spirit and the possibility of eventually ploughing dollars back into the river bass fishery, while the khaki-clad grumpy old men in punts grumble

Fishing Forecast | Nov. 21-27 Anglers bouncing jigs and plastics over the rocks of the first and second islands of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel for striped bass could luck out on what has historically been an extremely short run of big trout. Some of the biggest fish each year