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Why is it so difficult to deal with Somali pirates?

Chris says:

Doesn't the US Navy have incredibly advanced and accurate long range missiles that can basically cover the entire million square mile region with just one ship? And you know those little dinghy boats the pirates use are not traveling out to open...

gtheythyth says: The problem is that we can't just bomb them. They have hostages that we want to avoid killing. What the Navy SEALs did was great, but I don't know if they can do that again. You have to be...

What coating do I need on plywood boat floor?

Tim F says:

I had to repair a peice of my Dinghy wood flooring. I bought the plywood to fix it but it looks like the other pieces have some kind of clear coating on them. What coating do I need to apply to the plywood floor to protect it from the elements?...

Capt. John says: What you need to do, is buy some "thin" boat epoxy - which is used to laminate and encapsulate your wood. This prevents both water and air of getting to the wood, and thus prevents wood rot, worms,...

Costa Rican Tidbits

Auntie M asked "quanto queso" instead of cuanto cuestan when asking how much something was. Daredevil has broken an iPhone, iPad and an iPhone case within a week. Our house manager said we must text him every day with something. which he said after I asked him if we were the worst guests ever. But he also said.


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Road flooded? This rooftop storage box turns into a row boat

Now, instead of becoming the subject of somebody's viral video, you could handle it like a boss with this rooftop cargo carrier that flips over to become a two-man row boat. The Boatbox looks pretty similar to a lot of clamshell-style rooftop carriers ...

My Boat Plans: Build Your Own Boat

It points closely and easily outdistances comparable one-design class boats. This design is for those who want the very latest and best in small sailing craft. Seats 4 persons ... dinghy boat Canvasback kayak - Cheap little kayak Car Top Boat - Lightweight ...

Unst Boat Haven

We have 17 boats, mainly traditional Shetland, but including one from each Faroe and Norway, a Welsh coracle and a Berhon folding dinghy. A privately owned replica ... ideally suited for local conditions. The boats cover a period from the late 19th Century ...

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Force 4 Dinghy Boat Centre | used dinghies | dinghy repairs | dinghy covers | Sell a dinghy Dinghy boat sales, repairs, replacement parts & upgrades

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New boat to be christened Before most guests awake Friday morning, the Newport Beach hotel's pastry team will wheel the boat into the hotel's lobby and begin to cover the dinghy with piece after piece of gingerbread, creating a decoration fit for a holiday celebration in the

Friends take fun, adventure to the limit in Costa Rica She had enough points to cover her flight from Los Angeles to San Jose with a stop in Atlanta, so I decided to meet her there so we could fly into Costa Rica together. I didn't have enough points to fly free, but managed to get a seat on her second leg