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NICRO MARINE 12V Solar Powered Ventilation System Power Vent Fan RV BOAT

This is an item I have for sale on eBay, I just made this video to show buyers that it works. The following is from the Nicro Marine Website: "At Nicro, we m...

What is the difference between a boat inboard motor and a car motor?

matilda a says:

I need to replace the motor in my boat and I have a Ford 300 6 cyl. engine in my back yard. Can i use it for the boat? What needs to be modified?

williamM says: No body mentioned the marine head gasket yet. Otherwise you get about a year of service in salt water and it fails. Also some engines had a steel backed seal in the water pump which went away even...

How do you install a vent on an canopy?

Sheryl says:

I need to vent a canopy. It is the aluminum framed type with carpet installed as a liner. It won't work to just open the windows so I want a good roof vent or two but I don't know what to expect when we cut into the canopy.

Hambone says: Best bet is to stop in at a Trick Trucks location, an RV or boat supply store and see what they have to offer. Best to see it in person rather than ordering something out of a catalog. Of course,...


The Hot Tub

The first thing that comes to mind when I say Hot Tub - is dad's boat that's sitting in the quansit . it was named Hot Tub. I resent the hot tub for many reasons. It makes my cats huddle near the door because between the hot tub and the dryer vent there's warmth there. It's obnoxious.


"@LilReese_OTF: “@Livingangster_: i keep crying , i need someone to vent to !”yess me too ! I can't ..." aww , we rocking the same boat @KahrimanovicR need to vent to someone? Chances are I'm in a similar boat! Discount Sebago Men's Crest Vent Boat Shoe,Blue,9.5 M US Today -

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Britain vents fury over Gibraltar incursion

The latest row between London and Madrid came after the Ramon Margalef, a 47m oceanographic survey ship, defied repeated orders from HMS Sabre, a Royal Navy patrol boat, to leave the waters off Gibraltar. The Spanish ship had entered British Gibraltar ...

Boat Parts Suppliers

Woman-owned. ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer and custom manufacturer of boat parts including windshields and vents. Boat parts are suitable for ATV, marine and recreational applications. Stock items are also available. Custom designer & manufacturer ...

VENT-SOL-AIR Solar-Powered Ventilating Fan For Boat Covers

Attractive and Functional with Powerful Solar Charging Performance & Mooring ... PowerPulse is not a charger. It's a performance device designed to help batteries charge faster and provide maximum performance and power. This patented unit uses ...

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Welcome to Boat Vent

Vico Plastics is a manufacturer of plastic and aluminum marine accessories. We supply boat cover support & venting systems to boat manufactures, marine distributors ...

Boat Vent Products

Protect your boat from destructive mildew, mold, fungus, and bacteria. We offer same day shipping.

Boat Vent II -

Boat Vent II is designed to release heat and moisture from the interior of your boat, helping to maintain your precious investment.

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'Our Place Is in the Sky' Though Holmes makes it clear that Andrée was deluded in claiming that he could pilot a balloon like a boat, the author calls his inventions “brilliant,” as if he too were seduced by the charisma of the man. Andrée gets his martyr's burial in Holmes's

A look at some of the stupidest travel complaints “Really, [we're] just a sounding board. People are upset; they just need to sort of vent,” adds Lanphear. Other complaints: “We had to line up outside to catch the boat and there was no air-conditioning.” “It is your duty as a tour operator to