Boat Fuel Line

How to Change your Fuel Line Assembly

Shoreline Marine presents "Captain Weekend", Loye Futch, a 25 year veteran of the marine industry and professional boat mechanic, who will demonstrate how to...

How to use a fuel line assembly for your boat?


We're trying to transport the oil into the boat with a fuel line assembly, but it's not working. Any ideas?

baby b says: i tried changing my oil by syphoning it with fuel line except that oil is too thick... i jus popped off the oil plug and added it with a funnel... if thats what you mean by transporting it

How do you hook up a boat tank to your fuel line for demo derby car?

Matt says:

I am building a 1986 Chrysler 5th Ave into demo derby car. I am just curious as to how you hook up your fuel line to boat tank. Can you simply slide car fuel line hoses over the boat tank adapters on the top of tank? Any info would help. Thanks.

David says: yes you can but you need to secure it with metal hose clamps. get a boat tank that has at least a two inch nipple and put two hose clamps on the line. you dont want the line to come off when you...

Replaceing the boat fuel hose for BSS - Home - OMN

"Slightly tricky in that ISO 7840 is a marine fuel hose specification and relates to low pressure hoses. You obviously need a high pressure hose based on what is in place at present. and these are covered by the standard flame tests for the cover so I would choose this one but get your centre to.


New 5 PCS hand primer bulb ball-Marine Engine Boat Car fuel line-3/8" Fitting-AU: $31.34 (0…

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At the Helm: Test your knowledge of boat warranties

Let’s face it, when we’re talking about a boat, motor and trailer, things happen. When they do, one of the first questions most boaters want answered is, “Will that be covered by the warranty?” So, here are some hopefully helpful tips ...

Cruise Shipping Companies like to bunker in Hamburg

One factor of the great success of port of Hamburg as a cruise shipping venue is the extremely reliable working port service segment. In the cruise industry it is very much essential that the ships are precisely on time. This is particularly ...

Nuvera fuel cells for marine vessels

AIP generates electricity, which in turn drives an electric motor for propulsion or for recharging the boat’s batteries ... to conventional diesel engines. Orion fuel cell stacks are Nuvera’s line of proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFC ...

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