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I Shall Return, City of Angels!

If that isn't God hand working then I don't know what it is. Well, you see, my usual route from the airport to the place where I'm going to reside usually (three times already) entails a lot of walking and searching. And most of the time getting lost. But it was different this time around. We arrived at the Suvarnabhumi International Airport at 12pm. We had to wait for awhile for the luggage of one of our companions. Then, we went to the first floor to get on their public taxi. I was still groggy because I just woke up from a very sweet two hour sleep during the flight so I wasn't able to take in the sights and sounds although there wasn't a lot considering we were on the highway. My friend just showed him our address and he just nodded. Praise God for the universality of certain actions. The driver was either a former racecar driver, an enthusiast of the same sport, had an appointment to attend to or it was their usual speed in that area because we never went lower than, 90kph (except in curves. But it was still fast for 60kph). And he went as fast as 130kph. He stopped at a suburby looking place and pointed that this was the address. We tried to ask him if this was an apartment but he couldn't understand us. We paid 300 baht for that ride. (You had to pay an additional 50 baht if you came from the airport). There weren't any labels on the supposed to be apartment. Tried talking that is because he couldn't understand a word we're saying. My friend tried in vain to hold a conversation with him. And just when we're about to leave and check out the other apartment, he said "Philippine. " then held up three fingers as if to say there were also three Filipinos in the building. Then proceeded to describe their body structure using body language. One was "plam-plam" and one was like me (pointing to me). We nodded excitedly since it matched our friends description. And even if it wasn't them, at least we could communicate with someone. We waited with bated breaths to see who would get off the elevator and praise God it.


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Feyenoord match interrupted by crowd trouble

The game, considered high risk after Feyenoord fans went on the rampage in Rome before last week's opening leg, was also briefly halted in the first half as match officials removed a giant plastic banana which ... The Barcaccia, a boat-shaped fountain ...

Europa League PHOTOS: Liverpool lose in shootout; Sevilla win

Michael Kooren/Reuters Roma's passage into the last 16 was fraught after French referee Clement Turpin took the players off for more than 10 minutes after the home fans threw objects onto the pitch, including a giant plastic banana. After Adem Ljajic gave ...

Feyenoord fans ‘throw giant inflatable banana at Gervinho’

Feyenoord fans have allegedly thrown a giant inflatable banana at Roma forward Gervinho during the sides ... fountain which experts said could not be repaired. The Barcaccia, a boat-shaped fountain at the foot of the Spanish Steps, was chipped by ...

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Available ranges are Baby & Kids, Sport and After Sun, so the whole family can use Banana Boat and enjoy a full day of fun in the sun.

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Greenville DPS obtains new ice and water rescue equipment GREENVILLE — Whether it is for hockey, fishing, snowmobiling or any sort of winter sport, those who venture onto the ice during the winter months face inherent danger. Frost bite. Hypothermia. Death. Dubbed the “Banana Boat,” this inflatable craft

Feyenoord match interrupted by crowd trouble (Reuters) – Feyenoord's Europa League match with AS Roma was suspended for 10 minutes in the second half on Thursday when home supporters hurled objects onto the field after one of the Dutch side's players had been sent off. The game, considered