First Bass Boat

First Bass Fishing Trip on the new Boat

I just bought a Nitro and brought it out o Johns lake for a quick rip sesh, but the wind had a rip sesh on us!

How can i repair a shoty clear coat job on a fiberglass Bass boat?

Jarid Breon says:

I have a bass boat that the previous owner tried to shine up and ended up ruining the finish because of his incompitence. I was wondering if anyone new of a way to take the clear coat off without taking the gelcoat/ paint underneath it. I think...

Capt. John says: There is no easy method... and no magic formula. If you want it off, you will have to sand it off. If you plan on keeping the boat for 4 or more years, I would sand it all off....


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Picked up my first bass boat today. Not in to bad of shape needs a big cleaning and some carpet and she'll be looking good. Gotta paint that trailer too, the faded red now orange paint is awful. Remove the fuel tank and took to car wash for a good cleaning as it had set for several years fresh fuel in.

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High School Bass Fishing Hooking a New Breed of Student-Athlete

Under state association rules, each catch-and-release bass fishing team will consist of two students who will operate their boat's trolling motor. (An adult boat captain — a faculty advisor, boat owner or coach — will run the outboard motor.)

College freshman starts school bass fishing team

"We are looking for more people with bass boats. We only have two of us with boats, but FLW Outdoors supplies boats for the first 30 people that sign up. But not every tournament is like that." Finding potential teammates with bass boats might not be as ...

Alabama Bass Trail excitement builds among bass anglers, organizers

including students fishing on high school or college bass-fishing teams. Entry fees are $250 per team. Early entry is $1,250 per team for all five events through Dec. 31. Each tournament is capped at 200 boats maximum. First-place payout is $10,000 guaranteed.

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Taylor driving her daddy's boat ... Sign in with your Google Account (YouTube, Google+, Gmail, Orkut, Picasa, or Chrome) to add carrieann50 's video to ...

Buying Your First Bass Boat | The Ultimate Bass Fishing ...

The outdoor and boating shows will soon be in our areas, and you've finally decided to buy your first boat. The thought of being able to fish whenever and wherever ...

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My brand new Cadillac. Watch Video about BASS,BOAT,TRACKER by

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In 1961, he built the first bass boat from fiberglass, a huge leap forward in performance and durability. Other well-known bass boat manufacturers include Ranger, ...

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Upcoming Fishing Tournaments Around Polk County THE FISHING FOR A CURE STOP THE BULLYING bass tournament is Feb. 1 on the south Winter Haven chain out of Lake Shipp Park. Entry fee $80 per boat plus $10 per person for big bass. Second annual event by NurseOnCall Home Healthcare. First 

Nov. 22 fish report LAKE ISABELLA: There is still very good action on catfish, while the bass and crappie have slowed way down. The cats continue to be best on salted garlic clam meat or regular clams and nightcrawlers. Lots of two to four pound fish with some to 10