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"How to Row a Drift Boat" Preview - Hyde Drift Boats

Visit www.DriftBoatStore.com for the full video! This is a preview of LaMoyne Hyde's "How to Row a Drift Boat" Film. It shows selected clips to give a glimps...

What is the best casting rod for steelhead and salmon?

Jon L says:

I live in Washington and need to pick up a casting rod for steelhead this winter. I bought a nice Shimano Tekota reel, the 500LC. I'll be using it out on my drift boat mainly.

exert-7 says: Stick with All Star, Fenwick or G-Loomis like this 9'9" heavy action with a long handle for extra leverage and balance. Since you are fishing from a boat, you might even consider a 10'6" model good...

What kind of Boat does Max have in Where the Wild Things Are?

meOh says:

Is it a Drift Boat?

Vasco Pyjama says: It sure looks like a Catspaw dinghy to me. Here's a picture of a similar one: http://www.luckhardt.com/big-lagoon-06/images/DSCN7459.jpg Based on a design by Nathaneal Herreshoff called the...


Group aims to ban commercial setnetting in Cook Inlet, urban Alaska - Anchorage Daily News

A new organization backed by a powerful Kenai River sportfishing advocate is trying to ban commercial setnet fishing from all urban areas in Alaska, including Cook Inlet. The group, Alaska Fisheries Conservation Alliance, counts Bob Penney, a politically-connected Anchorage real estate developer who has long been vocal about sportfishing issues, as a director.


@rickygervais how do boats go to sleep? They drift off. #bestchildishjoke All these boats and you couldn't catch my drift http://t.co/kly14PLak2 RT @InstantFiction: In that small seaside town, boats have no oars. They simply drift with the tide, carrying people to unexpected places. …


Drift Boats and River Dories

Drift boats and river dories are superb fishing boats specifically designed for whitewater rivers. They originated in the early 1900s on Oregons McKenzie and Rogue rivers and are now popular throughout North America and the world. This is the fascinating history of the river pioneers who designed, built, and used the early river dories and their successive incarnations. Author Roger Fletcher has collected stories, diaries, and photographs and recovered and recorded the lines and plans of these early boats before being irretrievably lost. With marine artist Sam Mannings drawings, the book documents the traditional free-form method of drift boat construction and provides sufficient detail to model 10 boats to scale or build them full size. One of the best ways to learn drift boat building the free-form way is to model one first, and the book provides instruction and step-by-step photos for building a traditional boat to scale. Whether you are a fly fisherman who appreciates the gentle lapping of water on wood or a boat builder who want to recreate a piece of history, Drift Boats and River Dories is sure to satisfy.

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French Broad Boatworks offers one-of-a-kind wooden vessels, tours

He's talking about a new line of high-end, wooden drift boats that he and his business partner, Jason Brownlee, have started handcrafting at their Asheville shop. Combining a wide variety of design influences and materials, the duo's dory boats are unlike ...

Drift Boat Rowing 101

Despite the potential risk of insulting readers, I wanted to entitle this piece "An Idiot's Guide to Rowing Drift Boats" because I'm comfortable speaking from that perspective. But potentates in the plush FR&R editorial suites would have none of it.

Dressed in white water

VIDA — Go with the flow. That was the unspoken mantra Saturday as a member of a longtime river-guiding family was married — after the wedding party arrived in 13 wooden drift boats following a two-mile float. What else would you expect from the ...

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Drift Boats. 193 likes · 0 talking about this. Drift Boats were originally designed along the banks of the McKenzie in Oregon, for the purpose of successfully ...

Driftboats and Drift-Boats manufacturing makers

Drift boats makers in the Northwest ... Welcome to driftboats and drift boats website. We'll Be Posting Links to Great Deals On Drift Boats

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Drift Boats. 193 likes · 1 talking about this. Drift Boats were originally designed along the banks of the McKenzie in Oregon, for the purpose of successfully ...

Drift boats' | Define Drift boats' at Dictionary.com

noun 1. a person or thing that drifts . 2. a person who goes from place to place, job to job, etc., remaining in each for a short period, especially a hobo. 3. Also ...

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Group aims to ban commercial setnetting in Cook Inlet, urban Alaska Dipnetters, drift boats and anglers wouldn't be targeted by the ballot initiative. The main organization representing area setnetters, the Kenai Peninsula Fisherman's Association, said it was reviewing the ballot initiative Wednesday and wasn't ready

Tsunami debris 'island' headed for US? NOAA sets record straight An estimated 5 million tons of debris — everything from boats to kitchen appliances — was swept into the Pacific Ocean by the tsunami. Roughly 70 percent of this detritus likely sank near the coast of Japan, but the rest "This new modeling effort